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KingRoot apk is an application that will let us’ roote’ our Android terminal in a matter of seconds, as long as we have an operating system between Android forty-two and Android fifty-one. In other words, it will let us do the same as the mythical Towelroot, but even if we have Lollipop in our Android terminal.

The procedure for applying root to our terminal is as easy as Towelroot. Even if the application is only in Chinese, all we have to do is click on the blue button and wait. After a few seconds the application will finish working and ready, we will have our terminal with root.

It is essential to keep in mind that KingRoot apk is NOT running on every single terminal. On G motorcycles, for example, he is used to giving problems; although with the Nexus, to give an example, almost always and under all circumstances he can drive perfectly.

KingRoot apk is a great way to root our Android terminal. However,’ rooteating’ a terminal always and in all circumstances is a fragile process that we must do with the utmost care and aware of the dangers it can pose.

There are many methods (and reasons) to roote our Android device, although not all of them are within reach of the average user as those long and complicated tutorials that we can find in the XDA-Developers discussion forums prove. Towelroot was one of the preferred root applications, as its operation was limited to pressing a button and waiting a few seconds. The Chinese utility Kingroot continues this trail, offering a simple and fully automated process compatible with a large number of devices, with the incentive that after its last update to version 40 is able to roote even with Android Lollipop.

Things to consider
The most essential one and that we don’t tire of repeating: if you are going to roote your device make sure that you understand exactly what it consists of and what advantages (and also inconveniences) you can have. It’s really nice to be able to do things like install adapted roms, access Android updates much sooner or access tools that require superuser permissions, but if you’ve already lost the nomenclature, forget about the process. Every smartphone is a planet, and restore systems differ from one model to another, for not chatting about the hidden (most feasible) possibility of the process being halved and we must perform a factory restore, so make sure you have backup of your information.

In terms of functionality, it is able to roote virtually any version of Android. As the website swallows from 2. X to fifty-one. With regard to the supported models, it is very difficult to give a specific list, while having a look around the network, same users with the same mobile phone and same version of the operating system have different results. Fortunately, the tool itself is in charge of informing us of the effectiveness of the process even before it is carried out, as we shall see now.

How is Kingroot doing?
In the first place, Kingroot is an application that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Android to apply rooteo, so many antivirus can consider it as malware in the same way that it can be a keygen or patcher, with the difference that roote our device is totally legal. This is why, when we try to install the APK, the system will warn us that it is a harmful file, although practically speaking it is not.

Once installed, we will come across a screen in perfect Chinese in which we will offer us valuable information for rooteo. Here’s the data.

(Bottom left) A rating on 3 stars with the estimated success rate at the time of rooting on our Android model.
(Down center) The estimated time it will take the process to separate in minutes and seconds.
(Bottom right) The number of times the device has successfully routed with the Android version and device on which the application runs.
(Down completely) A blue button that when pressed will start the roote process.
In the next screen we will see a percentage of progress indicating the roote progress status. At the bottom a sentence warns us that it is very normal for the device to restart.

After installation
The best procedure to check if we have done the process properly is to install the Root Checker application, which will check if our device is already root. On the other hand, it is more than advisable to install a permission management tool such as SuperSU that will allow us to limit access to services and tools.

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